Sunday, October 23, 2011

What a moment!

I had just started work yesterday, and everyone in the store was buzzing about the local lottery called Lotto Max, and how someone won $500,000. Now because we are in such a small town, non of us knew if it was just someone driving thru the town or if it was a local. Never in a million years did any of us think we would experience the discovery THAT day.
Well let me tell was freakin amazing!!!!! I get goose bumps every time I tell the story.
So this lady ( who remain unnamed) comes in with her two kids to do some Saturday grocery shopping. Her husband had won a "free play" and he bought the extra on it. So she had the ticket and just thought she'd check it before starting her shopping. So she scanned it in the self scanner. She is STUNNED...on the screen it clearly reads 500,000 winner. So she asks the girl at the front for a pen to sign the ticket....right then and there, from the look on her face and how she was acting we all knew. So we confirmed it on the lotto machine, and she started her melt down lol. She just started screaming to her son...."mamma's gonna buy you a new motor bike finally" She could not stop shaking like a lunatic! She couldn't find her cell phone, she couldn't remember any numbers to call people....oh was just so funny and yet so awesome to see.
So this lady is local, she is married with two smaller kids, they don't have much, her husband is on the road working, and I heard later, that he didn't find out till later that day....4:30 to be exact...can you imagine waiting THAT long to tell your spouse you won big!
Anyways...all of us around here are soooooooooooo happy for this family, as they totally deserve it, and yet we feel all so lucky to have witnessed this amazing discovery....there is just something so special about watching it all unfold right in front of your eyes! So go forth....and BUY AT TICKET.!

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