Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I think winter has arrived!

Raspberries covered in snow

Garden area 1
 These are various pics taken around the yard this morning. Winter has finally arrived here on our mountain. This is just a little bit of snow, later on in the winter months I will post pics of how crazy it gets here with the snow. I will look back at these pics in a few months and be so envious of the little amount of snow. Usually by this time of year, we have already had a few snow falls, so it was nice to have a little longer Fall season.

Apple tree's

Our road

Garden sign

Bird suet

Garden area 2 has gone to bed for the winter

Big ol tree in the yard

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  1. Today we had a couple of flakes but nothing more. I just told my hubs this past weekend, I give it 3 weeks, we'll have snow. It felt good outside with the cold nipping at me while I ran chores. Loved it. Thanks for entering my Giveaway and GOOD LUCK!