Monday, November 14, 2011

Naughty doggy!

Our dog Brooklyn, she loves toys, she loves tree's and roots and pretty much anything she can get her teeth on and starting tugging and pulling....we have seen the funniest things out of her. For example...there is a wooden walkway in our backyard that was built there probably 40 years ago, so it's VERY old and decrepit. So I guess one day Brooklyn was bored and so she thought she'd tear it up for us LOL...I walked around back and there were boards scattered ALL over the place, all I could do was laugh my ass off....I was imagining her tugging and pulling these things out of place, growling at them as if to tell them " you will not dominate me boards!!!!!!!!" LMAO
So this pic you see of her here, is from last week when she found one of my husbands duckies..he collects ducks, and well, these ducks were outside and she found them. This is what she looks like when she knows she probably shouldn't have what she has!
P.S. No dogs were harmed after the making of this picture ( even if it was her owners duckie!) LMAO

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