Friday, November 4, 2011

Grow Op's Galore!

Well, really, need I say anymore! lol
 I live in British Columbia! The province that has the highest rate of grow ops and from what the world seems to think, the best weed (marijuana). I could go on and on about the pro's and con's of the industry...and maybe I will just for one small moment, after all, I am not one to keep my mouth shut for very long on any subject lol.
Here's what I think. I think that if my kids were ever addicted to weed or smoked it on a regular basis I would kick their ass, and do everything I could to get them off of it, cause really....IT MAKES YOU STUPID!!!! I have yet to meet a SMART pot smoker, even the half ass smart ones usually are out to lunch in some aspect! Now if my parents or husband or relative were dieing of cancer and just wanted to have some pain relief in their final days, you better believe it I'd buy the best bag of weed I could find for them!
I moved from B.C to Alberta when I was 30, then back to BC just a few years ago, but this time I moved to the Cariboo area, and I thought living in the city was bad...WELL...the country has WAAAAAAAY more grow ops. In fact, we live on a mountain, dead end street, and in the first two weeks of moving to the middle of no where there were THREE grow op busts on our mountain!!! CRAZY. Now, today, three years later, there are STILL a crap load of grow ops, and since we are in such a small town, you hear things....gossip. So you tend to hear who has one who got busted etc. I live about 5 min from our local dump, and there are ALL kinds of crazy things that show up there. One day, I drove around the back of the dump area, and I swear it looked like a movie set. From a distance it looked like huge white umbrella's, you know the kind that they use when the are shooting gorgeous models and they need the right lighting? Well.......... there was all kinds of this stuff, except that is was metal, not nylon like a regular umbrella....there was a HUGE dismantled grow op all in pieces taken to the dump! Okay, so me and my husband are some what addicted to going to the dump...okay, we really LOVE it fact, we call it the mall. LMAO. So we opened the trunk and started to go through what we could actually use and throw it in the car. There was some amazing things that would cost a crap load of money for me to buy, like about 10 rubber made totes (the BIG ones) and light fixtures that these crazy people used to hold the grow op lights, they are in the perfect shape for putting on shelving for me to start my plants in the spring when I still have three ft of snow to melt lol. Then there was a crap load of piping and tubing for the water system they had set up, so I piled all of that into the car so now I don't have to go to the local hardware store to buy my watering system for my new greenhouse!
Tonight when I stopped buy the dump, there was another "harvest" that had been done, and I came across about 20 bags of soil. I made two trips, and got a total of we LARGE bags of the soil. This is GREAT stuff, it's been fertilized nicely for me already, and since we have such crappy clay soil up here, it's a welcome addition to my garden soil and mulch pile. So to say I really HATE the grow ops here....well, I can really, cause when they are done with their illegal stuff and dump it, I come along and use it all for my legitimate stuff!
So yeah, there are pro's and con's to everything, it's just a matter how of you use what you find!!!!

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