Sunday, June 28, 2015

Summer love affair with a pool

We had this pool up last time 7 years ago, since then we have had it in storage, not being used. Never needed to when we were living in BC cause we were so close to so many magnificent lakes...why bother with a pool.
Well now that we are back in Alberta and the lakes are NOT.....well....I shouldn't say not...they are just not really lakes like what I am used to from BC.
So a few weeks ago we put up the pool and I have been in it pretty much every chance I get. I have especially been in the pool for the last three days with temps reaching 38 degree's here on our deck...IN THE SHADE.
Plus my mouth has been aching beyond I drug up and lay on the floaty in the pool and try to pretend that it doesn't feel like someone is stomping on my jaw 24/7. I have had other teeth removed before, but I have never suffered like this so many days later. So this pool has been my saving grace for the last few days....the floating helps meditate and the water helps with the heat and humidity.
I look forward to many more days like this, maybe just less painful :-)

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