Tuesday, June 16, 2015

So I'm a little naughty

So this happened last week at work....I said the word "shit"....yup....this is not appreciated at work at all....I was alone in my office with my co worker who says this word all the time...except this time the big boss was in the office next to me and heard it.
I was saying this word because a another co worker out side my office had said "oh man, I hope everyone's car windows are closed cause it's raining and hailing".....to which I said "oh shit" and ran outside to close my car windows.
I then walked back in to my boss handing me this sign and said "not in the office please".
So my co worker took this picture of me right after.
This will probably happen about 1 billion more times....so I hope he has photocopies on hand LOL.

This is the sign that happened today in my office....just a little prayer to go above my desk....I then waited....waited for all to walk in my office to read it.
The bosses wife read it....she smiled. That was all I needed :-)

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