Thursday, June 18, 2015

Author night in the village

I have been on our lil village library board now for about as long as we have lived 2 years-ish. I have heard about how they have hosted author nights in the past. I have never been to one myself until tonight.
The thing about this one though is that I arranged for the author. His name is Lyndon Penner. This is how I feel about him: The Pope! Pretty much the Pope of gardening.....his brilliance of all things plants is ridiculously awesome. He can't fix a car, he can't figure out cell phones..he can't do anything he told me...except he does plants like no other dude! When he starts talking gardening....this man transforms into something magical and majestic and it's pretty cool.
I have never met him until tonight....I have been stalking him via the internet for about a year....he has a blog:
He also does pod casts for CBC radio....he does a bazillion talks and presentations a year, as well as doing yard consultations and yard work for another bazillion for him to fit us in was freakin awesome.
I thought it would be great to have him over for dinner to our home before he did the author night...and so I never thought he'd say yes....until he said yes...and then I freaked holy the coolest plant dude ever is gonna eat at my house...OMG...he's going to judge my yard and think it's horrible.
Well as life would have happened...and he was late for dinner, which he was so sorry for, but he did manage to gobble down some schnitzel and potato salad before being whisked away. So thankfully he didn't have time to judge me or my garden lol.
He put on a hilarious show....had us all laughing and asking tons of questions...people brought their plants, their weeds to find out what the heck things were...for our lil was great.
He has written I think about 4 books....all are AMAZING....I'm so happy to have him as a my go-to-gardener-dude now!
Thank you soooooo much Lyndon for the most awesome night!

Lyndon and I...I seriously just don't know why my tongue always seems to come out.
My lil village library
Lots of cars means a good turnout!
Captivated audience
Shows over....time to relax!

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