Monday, June 22, 2015

Addicted to growing things and getting dirty

I could just stay outside all day long...just like when I was a kid....except when I was a kid it was to I just do the adult play and for me that's tinkering in the garden or yard.
This weekend I was checking on my compost bins...I have two...and since I was my son's place a while ago for his permaculture blitz day I have learned a few more new things about composting. So I was checking on it and it's going so well and looks really great and totally doesn't smell.
This bin is next to my veggie garden

It's ridiculous how excited I get when I look inside to see how great it's doing.

The other bin is located next to my hoop garden.
Since Lyndon was out for author night last week, I have picked up and planted some forsythia bushes....I love the yellow color they have and I so look forward to watching them grow over the years....if I could have bought like 100 of them I would have...and just lined the whole damn yard with them!
Right now they are these two tiny bushes in the front yard
One day I am hoping they will be as magnificent as this one!
This is also the first year I have been growing things in straw bales. It also is going along amazingly!
Potatoes up and growing in the bales
Zucchini's and pole beans growing in the other bale!
I hate that I have to go to work today and I can't just stay home and play outside all day lol.
Yesterday was the longest day of the year for daylight and the first day of summer....happy growing season!!!

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