Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Mouth malfunction

I love the specs of blood all over my face...another reason I keep my eyes shut the whole time...from flying tooth bits and blood.
Dream team selfie pics once it was all out!!! Thank you Able Dental!!!

10 years ago I had a root canal...I have only ever had one..and that experience was HORRIBLE! 3 years ago...that same tooth broke when I was at work...but because of my fear of dentists and it wasn't hurting I just dealt with the broken tooth...until last got infected or something and it was just so's been "acting" up for the last 6 months, but it was tolerable. So I went to work this morning....asked the co workers for their idea or dentists names and found one...he took me 20 min after I called them.
I thinking he wishes he hadn't lol.
He told me today I was the hardest extraction he has ever had...he spent an hour and half on this one tooth trying to get all of it out. He finally had to call on a older senior doctor....who then struggled for another 40 min on it.
In the end, I got stitches in my mouth and crap load of prescription drugs.
The original root canal was HALF done...hence all the problems and pain I had with it...he showed me the xrays before the wrenching in my mouth began...and I could see it was half done....he told me that the dentist that did this was should be ashamed of himself and was a very shady person.
So I now know who I will be seeing from now on in Lethbridge...highly recommended, great team of people there who dealt very well with this nervous patient....I did not go back to work boss told me I could go home...I was pretty wiped from all the adrenaline and then the adrenaline dump that happens after you calm down. story...I was two blocks from the dentist....I was turning left at an intersection....a pedestrian was crossing...he was not all the way across when I turned left...cops lights come on...I also happened to be right in front of the rcmp head office I just pulled into their parking lot.....he comes up to my window like he's about to freak out on me...see's the bloody gauze hanging out of my mouth, asks me for my drivers license and registration....goes to his truck for 10 seconds...comes back....asks me if I know why he has stopped me....I just stared blankly at him and started crying....gave him all my prescriptions that I was trying to get another 4 blocks to so I could get some pain management....he then told me he was letting me off today, but showed me that my fine would have been $750 bucks today.
The lesson I learned here today...always carry gauze and ketchup in the car in case you get pulled over and have old prescription papers on hand....and you will be set free!!!!! Not sure I can fake the glazed trauma look I had from just leaving the dentist though lol.

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