Monday, June 15, 2015

So there's this guy.....

And he lives in a land far far away....and he reads my blog while on the pooper...and he's been complaining that I NEVER post anymore...or that I post very erratically.
This guy happens to be my brother in law in Germany....and he waits and waits for my posts...and well...I have not been very good at it for a while.
I have no excuse.
So now he has thrown a lil twist into the mess....he told me that if I blog post once a day...he will take a selfie once a day and send it to me!
Well....what is a sister in law to do!!! POST POST this is Monday...and I am going to post every freakin day until he holds up to his end of the bargain...I just hope I don't get selfies while he's on the pooper LOL.
This is the last picture I got from my BIL in a land far far away....

Yup.....I just showed the world your ass!!!!!!!!
I bought this Canadian onsie for him at Christmas time....flap and all on those puppies....since he's always on the pooper I thought it only appropriate to have the flap lol.
So here's to motivation coming from a land far far away to inspire me to blog more often and consistently!
Das ist goot? lol 

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