Saturday, February 7, 2015

I am a delinquent blogger

Yup....I am the most unreliable blogger out if you come here to read my rants or's like a hit and miss with me....there are times where I feel like writing daily and other times where I might go a now.
A lot has happened over the months....I am not sure what, but it is some of it.

So this happened....a few weeks ago my son was THIS close to being shot by a random stranger who shot another guy at point blank range....he just happened to be in the wrong place and the wrong time.
This reeaalllllllllllllly brought things into perspective for ALL of us when we found out.

So seeing my kids the next day after that and hugging them felt AMAZING....I truly felt I was gifted another day after seeing how close it came to my son....I also feel gifted that my daughter is turning out just as banana cakes as her mother....seriously....I'm pretty sure she may surpass my insanity levels lol.

Then last week this happened.....I went to the strippers with my daughter and he boyfriend....cause really, isn't that what mom's do? lol....ok...maybe it's just this was fun and once again...another memory was made.
The other part of that weekend was that I spent the night at my daughters place....yup...I spent the night at my daughters place....I have to keep saying that over and over again to seems so be able to go to the big city and spend the night AT MY KIDS PLACE....OMG...they are growing up and I'm not sure how this happened but it's awesome.
So while there at her house I met my new grandsnakes....sooooooo cute...she has two of them....for most it is the most frightening thing ever, but for me, who is accustomed to my daughter having odd pets, it was delightful.
So I had a little cuddle time in the morning with one of them....just chilling on my blow up mattress with me, I was so happy to feel the snake cuddles once again....I know I know...sicko....but for's nothing but pure love!
She also has a tarantula, his name is Rick....but Rick is a we call him Rick the Dick...cause he doesn't like to be held to much or cuddle lol...he's pink I feel like he's a dick because he just hasn't become one with his identity yet lol.

That same day that I went and saw both of my kids we had lunch at my sisters place in the big city, and I was delightfully surprised to be spoiled by my sister making me a full vegan meal! AWESOMER!!!! It truly was just so amazing, she went out of her way to think thoughtfully of me and my new way of wanting to eat and it just really touched my heart of how kind and caring she is.
Also...speaking of sibling older brother who lives in Edmonton...has been visiting and tending to a cousin of ours who is in hospital out there...she has been there for a month now and her husband works up north and can't always be there for her..and since my brother lives there he is always visiting after or before work and just giving her some "family" time....he even bought her a look a like dog stuffie for her dog is back home being taken care of by neighbors...the thing that's so great about that he grew up not really knowing her...she is my age and my brother was long gone from home or being around...and it's hasn't been until these recent years that we all connected again...and they have formed a great bond which I just think is fabulous. It's just never to late to connect.
So....when will this delinquent blogger post again? Who freakin sometimes really want to say "I'm gonna do this everyday"...but who am I kidding.....when it hits me it hits me...yeah just never know.
Toodles for now :-) 

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