Tuesday, January 13, 2015


So I have the fortune of working with quite a few religious zee lots.....zee lots means "it's our way or no other way" type thinking. Now I shouldn't actually put them ALL in this category of my liking....as I do work with a preacher....who just happens to also be a truck driver...and so anyways....out of the whole lot of them....HE is the one with the most open mind of all....weird to me at first...that he would actually listen and have a delightful conversation with me...one that would never lead to us having to raise our voices to try and get our point across....which is most often the case. But not with him...and so it's refreshing.....however....there is another guy...he happens to be part owner of the company....he's retired, and comes around work a lot to "check in on things". Let me just start by saying this...he is a delightful man, and I love chatting with him....however....over the last while of getting to know him and having very brief conversations with him, things changed just the other day. You see....he has told me there is NOTHING he won't talk about and nothing scares him, as he is willing to debate any topic....sooooooooo one probably should not give me this type of information....cause you KNOW I am gonna challenge that.
So he came up to me yesterday...and he said "Robyn, you asked me a question last week, and we really didn't get to talk to much about it (the question I gave him was: What is your feeling about homosexuals) and now I have a question for you"....so I said sure...go ahead, what is your question.....he said "do you think it's normal?".
I said "first of all...I am the wrong person to ask if I think something is "normal"....cause I believe the category or statement of normal is ridiculous....because every person on earth has a different idea of what that is...and so as I get older everyday, I see things I experience things, I hear things....things evolve....and so I gave up a long time ago with the whole idea of "normal" because if I had that feeling of "oh hey, that's not normal" I had to think to myself...is that what I am thinking because I know nothing about it..and that's why I think it....because it's not part of my life right now, so there fore it has to be not normal?"
Wow...I just re read that last paragraph...and it's pretty messed up LMAO.....what I am TRYING to say here is that this: I DON'T BELIEVE IN NORMAL lol.
So this gentleman told me I was evading the question....I did not feel I evaded the question....as I don't think like he does...I do not have a problem with gay people or straight people....people are people...they are not defined by who they love or what body parts they were born with....so he then starts to raise his voice...as he's getting more and more frustrated with me.....and his last statement/question to me was this "Robyn...do you think it's normal for one man's pecker to be inside another man's asshole?"
I seriously could not stop laughing my ass off.....I looked at him and said "I feel so sorry for you that when you think of homosexuality that all you think of is the "sex" part of it...you don't think of two humans who love each other in a way that you and your wife love each other, that you can only focus on one aspect of it all"
We were then interrupted by me having to go back to work lol......but I really can hardly wait for our next round of "idea exchanging" as I do find them rather colorful.
Seriously....why can't we all just love one another :-)

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