Sunday, February 8, 2015

Longing for my forest

There are triggers that set this feeling off. The smell of a campfire....seeing someone chop wood.....seeing someone drive by me with a load of split wood...driving the Crowsnest pass for work just the other day into the foresty mountain area...oooohhhhh it made my heart yurn for my forest. And when I say my forest...I mean MY forest.
Back in BC on our property we have 12 acres...and it is literally all forest with a few open pockets where there is a house and some garden plots...but other then's all forest. I would spend hours upon hours wondering through our forest....stopping....looking up...listening...oh how I love to listen to the forest talk to was would make me weep sometimes how beautiful the sound of nature talking to me could be.
But there were times where nature would yell at the times there were big wind storms and I would be in the house shitting my pants with fear of which tree might fall on the house and kill us today lol. It was a delicate balance of love and fear with the forest.

What I know for sure is that the forest made me feel happy, calm, peaceful and full of life and gave me abundance of energy and drive to want to make it pretty and happy. I was easily spending up to 12-15 hours a day out there when we first moved there and I had all the time in the world to spend with it. Today is a day where I wish I could just put my boots on and go spend 12 hours with my forest.

I am sure this is how it would look right now too....this was in my backyard heading down the property...I would stay on the path for a while, but most often venture into the deep snow and wooded oblivion.

The spring and summers would bring another sensory alive...the sensory of color...and oh how luscious green it was...and the different shades of greens was mind blowing....I loved hearing the snaps of twigs and branches with variety of forest life moving about....scary not knowing what's lurking around, but beautiful knowing that "life" is just going about it's business around me.

My other favorite part was knowing that because of where I lived, there was more and more forest every where I drove....and this was one such spot....Mahood Falls...not far from us....and it was the most AMAZING place to visit and walk to and just "take in" it's magnitude of power.
I am so happy I experienced such beauty....both on my own property and surrounding me....I will never forget or stop wanting it....but today I shall dream of it.

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