Saturday, February 14, 2015

V Day fantacy men

So every girl can dream....and my dreams consist of three men....all of which the hubster is fully away of. These three men are all completely opposite of each other and have nothing in common and I suppose that's why I fantasize about three of them instead of one, cause just one does not fa fill all my wants or desires. I cannot even begin to fathom a pretend man that would be all three of these dudes....because it just simply will never exist and so there for I shall continue my "dream world". I really need to say more about this

Oh my Woody...and his dreamy ideas

Oh David...and his naughty bad boy thing that just is and happens to be crossing over to some new area of "save the cows thing" that makes him even hotter...sheesh
So all this being said....these are men of fantasy. Then there is the man of real. My husband...whom I do not post pictures of here as per request and also desire. As this is my thing not his...and so while I do talk about him often, it's not my place to drag him into my shit on line here.
My real man...well he surpasses all of the fantasy....and I am not just saying that....he loves me with all his heart and soul...takes care of me like I have never been taken care of before....he challenges me which makes me crazy but at the same time I love....I'm not sure if he will ever fully understand me, but he thinks he does and I love him for thinking he does...cause's comforting to hear that someone "gets me"...and so I'm cool with that.
So happy love I feel super loved, and that makes me smile :-)

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