Thursday, February 12, 2015


So I have been told  many times in my life that I am "opinionated". The first time I smiled...the second time I smiled...and each and EVERY time I hear it I smile...but recently I have come to think about this a lil more. The reason being...I had a situation at work...yeah...shocker right lol...and boss has told me several times..."your just so opinionated". Yes...yes I am...and quite frankly...I'm okay with that.
I am happy that I am secure enough in myself to have the opinions that I have...that I am confident enough to have a voice and speak how I feel. I cannot even begin to fathom those that DON'T have an opinion....those that are too scared speak of what they actually think...or those that just simply do not care.
I am so happy that there are those that do not speak or care...for it gives us that do more room to speak lol. What would this world do with out all of us people who have an opinion...yeah yeah...I would be peaceful......but I bet it sure would be boring too!
Opinions are great gateways for fantastic conversations...and sometimes they lead to stupendous debates that cause a euphoria in my brain that lasts for hours...oh how I love those ones.
So what makes some people dislike that I am opinionated? Well I have no freakin clue lol. Is it that they don't care about anything and feel that it's nonsense that I do in fact care...or they don't like just how passionate I am when it comes to whatever the heck I am speaking of lol
I for sure know opinions change...I grow...I learn....I reassess what I have heard or felt from's so great to be ever evolving and learning and changing...somethings don't change...and I like to examine those opinions why I have the stayed so steadfast for so long and over the test of time...why is it unwavering? Anything that challenges my brain and points of view are just so titillating. 
The times where I don't even have time to think as I just "react" ....yeah...those opinions are probably the most fun....maybe not for the receiver but man...they sure are for me...sometimes I even shock myself with what comes out of my how does that even happen I wonder...that I am shocked by my own who the heck has taken over the brain to mouth gateway in these situations lol....either sure is a carnival ride.
My Mom has told me many times in my life "'s like you have a beacon on your forehead just inviting excitement into your life".....or like my boss said the other day "it's like you invite drama"....well...I can't freakin help it...I don't know what's going on or where or why weird shit happens to me....but I won't deny it happens either...but it does tend to be a rather exciting life...and I wouldn't want it any other way!

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