Thursday, September 4, 2014

An inspiring woman

Life lessons come in many shapes and sizes, forms and ideas....this is how this one came to me, via my son's beautiful girlfriend Tonya. This is what she posted on her Facebook page yesterday.
"Over the course of a year I've been practicing seeing people as a reflection of myself and my inner being and it has had a profound impact on how I feel about others and my interaction with them.
Sometimes people are unpleasant, selfish or hurtful but once I've realized that those are all the traits that are present inside of me as well its become so much easier to sympathize and relate.
Were all the same species, everyone has problems to deal with and everyone deserves love and understanding.
Next time someone pisses you off for just one second catch your reflection in their eyes and realize that you are one in the same."

So I did what a lot of people did...I liked the post, thought about it for a moment and then moved on. Then today..IT HIT ME HARD. 
You read something is one thing, to implement it into ones life is another thing...often this step is not taken. 
I as at work today, doing a pick up at a large manufacturing plant, and I happened to be there at shift change...this place can be INSANE with traffic at this's where it gets a bit edgy.....most of the workers there are of a different ethnic background then myself. I would say there are about 6 different nationalities that I know of working there, could be more. Most of them speak very little English which can make for a difficult situation often when it comes to a moment when it's me in my big rig, or them in their small car and they need to move but it's hard to communicate this to you get my point here?
So today...this situation arises once again....I get the "deer in headlights" look when I am head to head with a spouse who is just there to pick up their better half at the end of their shift, except my head is a big rig and their head is a small 1985 Honda in three different colors (how this thing does not have collector plates is an honest question really lol).
So I for some reason INSTANTLY thought about Tonya's this person was a reflection of I thought to myself....greedily....there is now way I am this ignorant or stupid...and then my head snapped back with total embarrassment and disgust and shock in myself. I was absolutely ignorant and stupid...for I lacked understanding of what this spouse was going through at that moment...not knowing where I was going or what needed to be done, I did not know this person's language, just because this is Canada doesn't mean it's my freakin right to expect everyone to know my particular's a GIFT to live in such a wonderful diverse country as this!
Well...let me tell you...when you look at a situation in this manner that Tonya spoke's mind's so easy to point the finger and not acknowledge our own inadequacies or's so much easier to point out others...and for this I was ashamed...and so I made a point of correcting this attitude and making the experience for all involved a much more pleasant one...and because of this, I was blessed with a wonderful experience.
So Tonya...thank you for your wonderful inspiration, please continue to inspire us all with your tid bits of wisdom, for one is never ever to old to learn a new lesson in life...I want to grow to be 91 and still be able to say "how, I learned a lesson today" cause really, how freakin awesome is that!  

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