Sunday, September 7, 2014

My children...oh how they make me smile

Yesterday was pretty much the best day ever! Both of my children came out from the big city to spend a day with there Mamma out in the mountains at the Waterton National Park.
A few weeks ago I took the hubster there, as he had never seen it, well this weekend I took my son and his girlfriend and my daughter...and we had a know it's a great day when words from their own mouths are "oh man, this is the greatest day ever".
Now the reason for these words is because of the following experience they had:

My kids were taking DELFIES...selfies with a deer....SERIOUSLY...the deer are rather tame..but to experience slowly walking up to a deer and giving their ears some rubs and giving them belly was like my kids were five years old again...squealing with delight over this experience. I have to was rather freakin cool.

Mamma bear with her baby girl

Mamma bear with her baby boy
LOVE my kids to pieces
What would a family day out be like without a fun silly picture of the kids!

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