Monday, September 8, 2014


Well who ever tries to tell you that you can't grow tomatoes in Alberta I'd say they were a liar....and if you tell me you can only grow one kind, I'd say they were a liar AGAIN....cause my hubster just picked 85 effing pounds of these things....SERIOUSLY.
We are expecting the possibility of getting snow tonight and tomorrow...and the hubster spent literally three hours picking these 85 pounds of tomatoes of various kinds and sizes. We are now going to put spread them out evenly in newspaper and boxes all over the freakin basement and wait for them to ripen over the next few weeks and this means we will be eating tomatoes till the cows come home!
So like I said before....never ever will I buy another tomato plant again...cause growing them myself is seriously the most productive thing EVER....but I do have to say that having a super duper great hubster like mine who tends to them so wonderfully is a huge help.

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