Saturday, September 6, 2014

The story of the necklace

So I pretty much wear this everyday, it's rather special to me. You see, I bought this beauty at the Shambhala music festival last year, as a reminder of the most magical place on earth and as reminder that the most magical people do really exist there together in total bliss.
Sadly I was unable to attend this year, but none the less, the memory stays with me around my neck.
Now, since I have been wearing this the past year it has brought a host of new memories along with this to me is truly the magical bit about the energy of this crazy California pine cone.
I will be just going about my day, whether it's working or walking some where or shopping or what ever...and someone will stop me and say "oh man, I love that, where did you get it" or they just stop and make some sort of comment.....this then leads into me telling them about the magical place of Shambhala. Sooooo....a few months ago I was delivering to the Great Canadian Wholesale club in the city and this young lady saw it and asked about it, and of course this lead to my ecstatic outburst of ramblings....and she then exuberantly rambled about how she was going to this magical place for her first time this summer...which turned into a instantaneous bond between us (it's a farmily thing).
So yesterday I was once again at this place dropping off and I hear this scream from the far end of the is her..Massielle. I knew right away I was about to hear her epic life experience. I was not disappointed at fact I was so energized by her excitement it filled my soul for the day. She gave me her number and we are now connected as farmily soul members for life....this is the power of has now age, ethnic, geography or any type of just knows love and compassion...and this is what the world needs more of....this connection.
This is just ONE of the stories I am sharing with you....there are more, and they are all precious to me, and I feel so blessed to meet and share with so many people along my journey of life, and to those I have met at Sham or because of Sham....thank you, and for those who I have yet to meet....I can hardly wait to give you a hug...cause hugging is seriously my favorite if you have "personal space issues"....well....I'm so sorry for you, cause I will not know that, and I don't ask, I just hug :-) 

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