Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Potato fruit

So this is the first time this has ever happened to me...I have never seen this before and neither has the hubster, but we had a bunch of these on our potatoes this he researched it and this is what we found:

Collecting Potato Seeds

Most modern varieties of potatoes are sterile and do not produce fruits or seeds. If you are fortunate enough to be growing a variety that sets fruits, then you can harvest the fruits and collect seeds, and grow your own unique variety of potatoes. Potato berries grow above ground and look like green cherry tomatoes. The berries do not ripen like tomatoes. They stay green, or might get a slight yellow tint to them. I pick potato berries about the time that they start falling off the plant, or just before my first frost, whichever comes first. Then I allow them to sit around for a few weeks or months until they soften up, or until a few of the berries start to rot. Then I add one cup of berries to 6 cups of water and blend for 30 seconds. The seeds sink. The pulp  floats. I dump the pulp off and rinse the seeds several times. Then I ferment them for a few days by adding a pinch of yeast and a spoonful of sugar to the seeds in a jar of water. Then I rinse them a few times and spread out to dry.

Growing Potatoes from Potato Fruit

If your potato blossoms turned into tomatoes, you can try growing plants from the seeds. Potato fruits have seeds inside just like any berry. You can cut open the berries and remove the seeds to plant. However, the seeded potatoes take longer to produce a plant than those planted from tubers. The resulting plants will not produce the same type of potato as the parent plant either.
The seeds will need to be started indoors because they do take such a long time to produce. The easiest way to separate the seeds is to mash the berry and put the resulting mix into a glass of water. Let it sit for a few days and then strain out the top debris. Seeds will be at the bottom of the glass. You can plant them immediately or dry them and wait until later.

So, as you have read here from a couple of blogs I found...I for sure will be doing this and trying this next I have not know about this is beyond weird lol....but so exciting!

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