Wednesday, August 6, 2014

On a day I really miss my Farmily

Well one year ago I would have been at Shambhala already having the time of my life, beginning my journey of an awakening.
I was hoping to be there again this year, planned it and all....but as life has it....I was unable to attend do to a work change that made it impossible.
So I imagined all day long all the festival goers packing and traveling and getting super excited about arriving at the farm in Salmo BC.
So I will admit I was a wee bit sad and jealous about this today....but the universe would have no part of that pity party.
I was sooooooo blessed today....blessed with the kindness of others....the kindness that one would experience on the farm at Shambhala.
At a bakery I delivered at today, the owner made and bought me lunch and gave me some super delicious that was my first amazing gift....the second one came just down the road at a cheese factory I deliver at....TWO HUGE BLOCKS OF MY FAVORITE can this day get any better???

Well it did...I had to do a pick up at a farm, and when I arrived, the old Japanese farmer came out with this huge cabbage for me....he told me that I was a good truck driver and handed this to me and scurried away.
And last but not least.....I also delivered to a sausage making place and the owner there knows I am a vegetarian....but that my husband LOVES every time I go there, he gives me a free's package was Chicken Apple Sausages.
So I was so excited by how over the top blessed I was with such great kind karma today, I could hardly wait to share it with the hubster....and when I walked in the door, he told me a package arrived for me today.....and this is what I received....

I won this book on a blog contest I had entered.....AWESOMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So tonight when I lay in bed going to sleep and thinking about all the people I wish I could be partying with on the farm in Salmo....I will smile and thank the universe for it's kind kind blessing at a time that I totally needed it :-)

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