Friday, August 8, 2014

Take the money and run

Well, we were gone back to our farm in BC for 10 days....and in these 10 days we kicked some far as organizing goes....we got a lot of stuff done and organized....on the last two days of our trip we cleaned house so to speak....we had a giant yard sale....we did no advertising in newspapers....all we did was put up neon green signs with arrows and huge lettering and all the people showed up in droves....and I literally mean....there were so many people the first day it was insane...and they had a TON of Cariboo money too! I have never seen so many people walking around with wads of 100's 50's and 20's....but was all good for us though!!! People told us our garage sale signs were perfect and perfectly placed, and that we seemed to have something for everyone. At the end of the second day...anything we had left was able to fit into one pick up truck and it was donated to the fire dept in Canim Lake, so they can make some money off of it in their garage sale in Sept.
It was good to see the ol farm, sad though too....sad that it's not the same as how I used to have's all overgrown...and I felt I should have been there for 3 weeks just weed wackin it all.
We visited some great friends and old neighbors and were just so happy to get all of the stuff gone and done.
One more trip back and we will be done there totally.....not sure what we are gonna do with the property yet....time will only tell :-)
After the yard sale I felt like such a pimp.....counting all the cariboo money....grinning from ear to ear....wondering......just how much of this money is "grow op" money....after's prime BC bud area lol.

Hubster driving our old 1950's Massey Ferguson tractor to it's new home

Sold our antique Almira wood stove to a happy guy looking for one just like it
Garage sale day one, BEFORE the insanity started

This is also day one just more crap

and again...more I said...we had something for EVERYONE!

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