Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Get rid of em

So this lil rant stems from a few months of going to one establishment to get my nails done in the city.
Let me state first of all...for me to get my nails done for me personally is GLORIOUS.....because for many many years, this was something that would have been unheard of for me....first of all, I was not a "girly girl", I couldn't afford it, things like that were a luxury...so when I do get them done, I am very grateful that I have the money for this extra in life.
Here's what gets my goat....the other woman in this establishment getting their nails done as well. I leave there and come home and just rant to the hubster about how rude and arrogant these woman can be....how they talk down to the people doing their nails....they sit there with their noses up in the air like their shit don't stink...the crunch their noses and yell out demands in a disrespecting tone.
Seriously....it shocks me, that these woman, think that for some reason they are better then the people doing there nails....seems this is a trend in society as well....so I ask...who's freakin idea was it to come up with boarders, separation...it's no wonder there are so many ignorant asses out there.
Because someone one day decided that this side of the street meant you were better, that gives you the right to treat that person like shit.....I don't think so!!!
I am sooooooooooooo grateful to the ladies AND men that work at the nail shop...for they have skills I clearly don't have and will never have and they are damn good at it...yes they often speak in a language I cannot understand...but when you engage in conversation with them like any other human being and ask the about their language they are more then willing to share and teach.
So now when I am at the nail shop...I go out of my way to show these snotty wenches just how great these people are that are doing a HUGE service to them....cause they clearly are UGLY people on the inside who need some prettying up on the outside...and they are starting with their nails! 

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