Monday, March 25, 2013

Earth tones

When I was in the kitchen today making another yummy vegan experiment hunny came in the kitchen and I said "look hun at the wonderful color concoction today" he peeked in the dish...his response was "earth tones".
Ah yes, my meat eating hubby strikes again!!! lol. The last couple of days I have been having some fun making some new flavors and trying new things again, and loving it all, even the hubby has been impressed.
A year or so ago we canned some potatoes from our garden.....we both had never done it before, and we had a pressure cooker caner and thought we'd give it a whirl. Well we have not touched those jars since and we brought them out the other day and took a look at them. Both of us were terrified of what they were gonna be like...I mean, who the heck cans potatoes lol. They were not mushy, they were hard and ooohhhhhh man did they ever taste what a real potato straight from the garden should taste like. This has just confirmed that this is what I will do every year from now on!!!!
This is a jar we opened they other night and put in the I said, it looks terrifying at the some scary experiment happening...and we thought they would be mushy, but they were hard and firm...and when you take them out and cut them up and make hash browns from them MMMMMMMMMMM crazy yummy.
Red onion, garlic (some from may garden) white beans, Swiss chard chopped & white beans and onion broth

Frying up the yummy potatoes!

One of the vegetarian broths I use.
My yummy stewy, soupy yum yum
 Anyways...I am loving the cooking and experimenting of flavors. I can hardly wait to get into our new home too so I can start my gardening and planing of all things that I can use in my cooking and canning. However...starting off in a new home means starting a new garden all over again. Since there is currently no garden patch at our new house it's literally gonna be from scratch. So it's gonna take a few years to build up the soil to the way I like and I will have to start all over again with a new garlic patch and herbs ect.
Oh well, it's gonna be fun, cause that's the type of stuff I LOVE doing anyways!


  1. You have to send me how to do looks and sounds amazing!!!

  2. Hey Ashley, there is a blog I found that is just for Canadians and it's a Vegan Food Swap, I will try to find it and send it to you, I think that you would totally love it. Once a month you get paired up with another vegan canadian and you have a limit of 15 bucks and you send each other a fun vegan package...soooo cool.