Thursday, March 21, 2013

Let it go let it go let it go...

This is what I sing in the tune of "let it snow let it snow let snow". I have officially given my notice at work. My last day of work here in my small BC town will be May 16th.
I will no longer be tortured by chocolate bars, yummy jello cups, chips and all things not vegan, healthy or of any nutritional value. ( well, I should state we have apples and oranges there lol )
I will also no longer be tortured by other less ambitious non motivated lazy coworkers as well.....and before you all start in on me how those types are in EVERY job....I am FULLY aware there are idiots no matter where you go. I just always wanted to hold out hope that these "types" of people could be changed to actually WANT to be ambitious and helpful and have the desire to obtain some good work ethic....but....such is not the case.
I am at the point where I am soooooooooooooooooooooo frustrated and now mad, that I really can't deal with it and there for I shall just shut my mouth and not even bothering complaining about it after this...cause one cares and it won't change. So I will finish out my time in a blissful, mindless state of euphoria in my own little world, knowing that I will do MY best and care about ME and what I do, and not give a rats ass about anyone else. This will hopefully keep me sane till my last day.
As far as the amazingly jerkish customers that come in.....well, who are we kidding, I will smile politely till the end as well :-)
There is however one person there that will be missed beyond the mountains that will separate us now and that is my manager. It's not often that one can say they respect or even like their manager, but I have one that is AMAZING. I am so sad for her that she has to stay with the imbeciles I so much detest.
She has the most amazing manager skills for every situation and should really be recognized by someone somewhere so she knows how much she is appreciated. 
So....until the end of my time here, I shall be whistling to the tune of "let it snow" but I will know that I am REALLY singing.....let it go let it go let it go!

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