Thursday, March 1, 2012

Must be harvest time again!!

That's what I say when I go to our local dump/share shed and find some good "stuff". I have posted here before about the local grow op situation that has plagued the Cariboo. Well, as long as it's here I am going to continue to benefit from it myself. The following picture is a way that I profit from the "harvest".
I found 4 big bundles of bamboo sticks. For a gardener this is AWESOME...I use them for my peas, beans staking all my plants..making little fences..and the list goes on. These crazy things at Home Depot can cost a pretty penny and you don't get all that much in a bunch there. I know this cause I remember being one of those city slickers who bought the small pricey bundle! So for me to find FOUR better believe it I started shouting like the IKEA commercial..."START THE CAR........STAAAAAAAAARRRRTTTT TTTHHHHHHEEEEEE CAAAAAAAARRRRR!"
There was some soil dumped there as well, but I didn't have any extra garbage bags with me or my shovel, or I would have been loading up on that too! Free soil!!!! Here in the Cariboo where the soil can be very clay like this is again...AWESOME......I mix the found soil with horse manure and compost and I'm good to go!
So if I can't beat the grow ops...I'm gonna use there left over, disposed of goods to my advantage!

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