Thursday, March 15, 2012

The melt is on!

Today temp hit a high of +10. feels soooooooooooo great. However, it has been very windy for the last few days here and as much as we would love to spend some time outside, it's terrifying when you hear the tree's creaking.
We had one fall on our boat in the back yard a few days ago, and we were hoping to get outside today and cut it up and pile up the wood. But since the wind is still at it, it's not gonna happen.
With today's warm temps though, we were outside for a while making homemade trenches for the tiny rivers everywhere. I always feel like a kid when we do this, and really, it's so much fun to watch the water find it's way to wherever you make a path for it.
So hopefully the wind will die down and we can get outside and get some things done :-)

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