Sunday, March 4, 2012

March 2012 Snowpocolypse here in the Cariboo!

Well it started yesterday....and it kept going and going and going. This morning I took a few pics of what our little funny farm looks like!
Front of the house
I know the greenhouse is out there somewhere! So is my garden!
My purple lilac tree...covered in snow!
I find it very hard to believe that about 90 days from now, I will be almost ready to plant in this garden in the back area of the house! When I walk around this garden and see 4 feet of snow covering it, I close my eyes and dream of the days it's +30 and I'm cursing the sun cause it's so hot and I have lots of weeding to do lol.

The snow paths keep getting taller and taller on each side too, this one is almost 3 feet tall, it's hard to tell unless your out there walking through these tunnels I call paths lol.
Today this sun is coming out and the great melt down has now started. I hear lots of crashing and booming all over the yard and on our roof as the snow if melting off the tree's and house making grand booming sounds, freaks out the dog cause she thinks someone is here every 2 minutes lol.
Anyways...happy melting!

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