Monday, March 19, 2012

Only in the country............

Only in the country could the following scenario happen. I work at a local convenience store, and one of the locals that always comes in tells me that he and his wife have a little farm and they have two sows (mamma pig) and that she just had 9 piglets! Well....I just squealed with delight, and said he must bring me some pictures of them. So today he shows up at work again, and poor guy wasn't even in the door all the way and from across the store I shout out..."did you bring me pictures?"...he replied with "I did better then that, I have one in the truck with me!".
All I can say is that I acted like a complete idiot as I squealed like a school girl with delight. This piglet was soooooooooooo cute. So after I was done cuddling and was back inside I had a giggle to myself about the whole this would NEVER happen in the city!

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