Friday, March 9, 2012

Harvest remnants at the dump!

So like I have said in past in the Cariboo there is a large grow op problem. So since these people use our local dump as their dumping ground for all of their stuff, there are many locals like me who take advantage of it.
Today, this is what I drove up upon! The top picture is of a bag ripped open with parts of the "harvest" strewn all over the place. The rest of the bags have soil in them. Last year and before the snow I grabbed about 20 bags of the soil. I then came home and mixed the soil with my compost and rotting horse manure and tons of fall leaves. This way it gets lost of extra nutrients and I don't have just "harvest" soil. So the rest of the pics are of what I saw today at the dump. Just gives you an idea of what it looks like when they are finished with their grow op and they harvest. The first time I was I have become immune to this sight. The smell is still very overwhelming though. I just shake me head and think to myself  "only in the Cariboo"!

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