Thursday, February 23, 2012

Who needs a dryer anyways....I don't!

My laundry has learned to hang in many places in the last 3 years lol. This was one of the first places...we had no laundry line or even a washer at this point. When we first moved to the hicks, we would have to go to town and do our laundry at the "town laundromat". We'd then bring it home and hang it to dry, since we were to cheap to pay for the dryer part. Sometimes I would long for soft towels, my body has adjusted just fine over the last few years now!!
I remember back when I would DIE if I had to use my shower towel more then ONCE. Now...oh man...I think I use it for a week LOL...oh stop, before you say gross.....IT'S JUST USED FOR DRYING MY BODY for crying out loud...sheesh...I just had a shower and then I dried off!!! So yes, I have learned to be frugal and smart with my money.
Yes we have a storage...and one day when all of our reno's are done, it to well be installed. But really, I am not sure how much use it will get, now that I am so used to the "hang dry". I mean...I save a lot of money just hang drying our laundry. And it's no skin of my butt! Yes, I have to plan a little more, I can't just throw the laundry in and know that in a hour or so it's gonna be dry, and I can't hang the laundry outside when I am having a fire (learned that one the hard way the first the clothes had to be re washed...kinda not cool to have people think there is a fire ALL THE TIME...when you smell like fire).
So my laundry will continue to hang in all kinds of places until the fateful day when reno's will be done. ( don't hold your breath it's gonna happen anytime soon LMAO)

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