Monday, February 6, 2012

Seed-Dealer wanted

Yup...I need a seed-dealer I just found out lol. I can find one I have been told at "Seedy Saturdays" and Seed Exchanges. Why you ask? Because of Monsanto...that's why! I have become more and more aware of this rather large homestead devil. To this day I still gather information on them that's new and alarming to me.
I find it alarming that it's okay with the government to allow this company to literally kill us. That's all I can say with out my blood pressure going through the roof, other then that, all I can say is....look it up yourself, get informed and see what this company is doing, and if you haven't yet...THEN OPEN YOUR FREAKIN EYES PEOPLE.
So I thought I had a good source for seeds, and I am learning this is not the this year will be my first year I get real serious about my seeds. I have no clue on how to seed save or seed swap or any of that bazaar lingo. I do know that I do not want to be lied to when buying what I think are safe seeds to grow food in my garden that I believe is safe.
So, my search is on for a good seed-dealer lol.....wonder how that's gonna sound in the grocery line up in our small town LMAO.

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  1. Hi Robyn,

    When Seedy Saturday comes around, bring some of your seed that you can exchange with some of the seed folks there.

    You'll also be able to buy seeds, both veggie and flowers. They usually have seed potatoes there too!