Tuesday, February 21, 2012

To meat or not to meat, that is the question!

I watched this documentary last night and found it to be very thought provoking. So much that still today my husband is still debating and discussing it with me. This NEVER happens. So not only did I find it very good, he must have too! And most of the time when I watch documentaries he's not that in to them. But this one really got us both thinking.
It talks about the health effects of food in general. Yes it is more geared towards eating no meat, but they do prove some very good points that no one could deny.
My father, who is heading towards his 80's became a vegetarian about 20 or so years ago, not sure on the exact time frame, it just seems like forever ago now. He was your very typical meat and potatoes type guy. We grew up on a small hobby farm where we had our own dairy cow for milk, goats, chickens, horses, pigs, ducks, peacock, and some more that I can't think of right now lol. Not to mention HUGE gardens. So our cows, pigs would go to the butcher and our freezer was filled with meat. So EVERY meal was filled with meat and all things yummy. My Mom did a great job feeding all of us the most healthy meals one could get, no processed foods, all home made and all of the land as much as she could. I remember my Dad always having huge meat portions on his plate, so for him to become a veg head was a real shocker. Which makes me think, if he can do it anyone can. YEAH RIGHT....try telling that to my husband. I can't even begin to imagine him not eating meat. But today, a day after watching that documentary, he is still talking about it and the health factors. So we might just start with one day a week, like a meatless Monday to start, but the fact that he's even talking about it is great. So once the freezer is all empty of the current meat, we are not buying anymore (at least that's how we feel today, don't hold me or him to it, I wouldn't want to be caught at midnight secretly eating meat LMAO) My Dad is not the only veg head in the family, I have an Uncle too who has been one for a million years, and a few friends as well.
One of the other major things that stuck out in this film to me was the studies and proof they had on the effects of dairy (milk) on people and the amazing studies they had on it. It effected me so much what they said, that today...NO MILK FOR ME. I used to think that I could live on mild and toast alone. Well, not no more. Not after the facts that were shown in this film. I have gone off of milk before, just like the whole coffee thing. So I know I can do it, and it won't be to hard.
Anyways....we shall keep our thought provoking discussions going about meat and see what happens! 

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