Monday, February 13, 2012

New member of the family!

This is how our new baby came home with us. In a home made crate in the back of the station wagon, surrounded by groceries from Walmart!
This is our name baby Haney, and he's playing peek a boo with us in the back of the car. Seriously, he's ridiculously cute, and even though he pooped in the crate on the way to his new home, it didn't even smell that bad, my hubsters farts are waaaaaaaay worse lol.
 This is our dog Brooklyn meeting her new brother and giving him the inspection and stamp of approval. She can hardly wait to play with him.
Finally out of the cage and taking a look around the new place!
Yup, he's posing for the camera! I seriously can't believe I have a pot belly pig!!!!!!! So excited! We got him for free from a family who is moving into the city and can no longer take care of the animals they have cause they can't take them with them. When we had chickens a few years back my daughter painted the chickens nails with bright pink and green nail polish. I can hardly wait to see what she does with this pig! Maybe she can tame his mo-hawk hair thing he has goin on lol.
I now just have to figure out to make a big harness for him so I can take him for walks down the road...cause that would be just AWESOME!!! lol

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