Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Snow curls & snow paths...the Cariboo way!

One has to be careful when walking around the house these days...the snow and ice curls coming off the roof could be DEADLY!
We have been woken up many a time in the middle of the night to huge crashes and bangs, you'd think that a 50 foot tree just fell over or that a truck came crashing down the road...but's just the ice curls breaking off the roof.
The snow paths are in our back yard for the dog. She is staying outside right now cause it's nice and mild, so why not get some fresh air! She also seems to find EVERY single blade of grass in every nook and cranny and she eats them and then pukes....YUCK...I have been woken up the last few nights to her and tonight...she shall puke to her hearts content outside, and I will have a nice sleep.
The pictures were taken today, and I can hardly believe it's Feb 1...I seriously have no idea where the whole month of Jan went! I figure that if it keeps going fast like this to me, spring should be right around the corner LOL!

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