Monday, January 16, 2012

Oldie but goodie.....cinnamon bun recipe

Well compared to some peoples recipes this would not be considered old, but to me it's old, cause it was the first recipe book I ever bought and it has stood the test of my time with some favorites.
My son who is now 21 is the reason I still have this particular recipe for the cinnamon buns. And now with great pride, I have passed this on to my almost 17 yr old daughter who makes an awesome batch of buns as well.
Last night after work I came home and made some buns for my daughter. When she walked in the door and had the huge smile and wide eyes, it makes it all worth the process. Same with when my son used to tell me when he was little that I made the best cinnamon buns EVER...even better then Nana.

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