Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Old man winter

Yup, he's here now for sure, wasn't too sure about him for the last few months though, we have had unseasonable warmer weather for this winter so far, and half the amount of snow. But yesterday and today and for the next few days, we are projected to have a VERY cold few days. This morning, with windchill factored in it's -38. Two of our three cars are frozen solid, meaning...THEY WON'T START...one of them did, thank goodness.
I was looking through pictures of last year at this time, and we had just about over half the amount we have now, so this is nothing compared to how bad it could be. Weird how I am counting my blessing at this amount of snow lol..something is wrong with me lol.
Anyways..I think I shall huddle by the fire today or do some baking and warm things up even more. Then...look through seed catalogs and DREAM!

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