Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Gardening in January....ummm what?

Yup, that's right....even though I have a ridiculous amount of snow on the ground, and just last week it was -42 at our house...I am thinking about gardening outside. Here the reason why!


I found this link from blog surfing the other day, and I can hardly wait to try it out myself. I bought a bag of soil from the feed store today. It's frozen solid lol...but I brought it inside to defrost, and then I am taking a bunch of two liter bottles and mild jugs just like the lady did in this link. Tomorrow after the soil is thawed, I will begin my new gardening adventure and try this out! Can hardly wait to see how it all pans out in a few months or so. It's crazy how excited I am to be able to buy seeds and soil in JANUARY! Even more excited that I can just sit back and wait to see what happens!

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