Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Hill...

We live on a mountain. And to get off the mountain, you have to drive down "the hill". The hill is great...except for winter...when once you get to the bottom of the hill you come to the main highway. On this main highway are all the logging trucks and traffic heading to town, cause we all live out in the middle of no where lol. When I say highway, I don't mean like the ones you have in major cities. This is just a "main" road so to speak that is more main to us then anything. Does that make sense lol?
Well when this road is a slippery slip n slide you sometimes have those "life flashing in front of you" moments when you start to slide out into the main road and one just has to pray instantly that there are no logging trucks coming!
I'm gonna take some pictures today of this hill on the way to work and post them tomorrow for you so you can have a glimpse into the wild winter ride! The locals up here say "you haven't lived until you have experienced "the hill". CRAZY freakin locals LOL

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