Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Is it just me......

Or are kids these days just freakin out of control spoiled brats and undeserving!!!!!!!!!!!!
Phew, glad I got that out of the way. LOL
Here's my problem, and I just had to post about this to get a little venting out of the way. However, before I start, let me just say, I myself have two kids, a son 21 and a daughter soon to be 17, both have jobs, both have well adjusted lives even though I was a single parent for many years, both have had their ups and downs in life...yet...they are fully functioning adults in the world.
So why is it that there are so many BRATS getting away with crap in this world. It seems like they are all a bunch of goats in this world following all of the newest trends without blinking and eye or using their own brains. Heaven forbid if the power went out or the internet goes down and they had to do something....LIKE USE THEIR BRAIN. I work with a few of these degenerate youth, who believe it's okay and actually is pretty much expected by them, that they get PAID to work AND text and update their facebook status's rather then actually get WORK done. If they stand around at work for more then three seconds  I hear things like "I'm bored" & " what should I do "...ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING motto is this..."IF YOU HAVE TIME TO LEAN, YOU HAVE TIME TO CLEAN"...or LEARN SOMETHING doesn't matter what job you have...there is ALWAYS something new to learn, you just have to ASK...I know...weird concept for some of the youth out there.
I sometimes feel like asking them if they have a bladder infection and if they need to go to the doctor cause they are going to the bathroom so much  to text in private so they don't get in trouble. Seriously...what are these kids ever gonna do if this country actually went into a REAL recession where you work for NOTHING and BEG for everything, and GROW everything yourself just to LIVE. Currently I think they'd all just fall over and curl up into the fetal position and die, cause heaven forbid if they ever had to actually do some work!

WOW.....I sure do feel better venting about some of the degenerate youth out there....I know I know, they are not all bad, there are some out there that I have worked with that are AMAZING. It's all in the attitude and what's been shown and taught to them and the willingness to learn from their elders.....uuuuggggggg....I am now considered someones elder....okay, that's it, this post is over LOL.

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