Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A year in reflection?

Well I wanted to reflect back on what this last year has been like...and then I remembered....I can't even remember what tasks I completed last freakin week for crying out loud!!!!
I guess this is the beginning of my realization as I turn 40 in a few days...that things are not like they were even 10 years ago!!!!
10 years ago, I was just turning 30....and I remember looking back at those ten years and thinking....what have I accomplished. I turn the corner to the new decade of the 40's and I think...OH CRAP....what I have I accomplished....and after the heart rate comes down, I realize....I have accomplished A LOT!
I have always lived my life without any regrets, I won't change a darn thing, not the good the bad or the's all MY life and I like it....just wish I could remember all of it LOL.
I remember as a kid being irritated when my parents did not remember things, things that I thought were so simple and how in the freakin world could they NOT remember...well...I am now that age, and I have kids that say "oh Mom, you remember......" and I look at them with that blank stare, and they get irritated with ME now!!!!
Well, this last year brought more and new experiences, some I remember vividly, others I won't remember til someone reminds me of it, either way, I feel like it was a great year.
So I will bid this year and my 30's a goodbye, and welcome my 40's with open arms, cause one thing I know for always get wiser with age! So bring it on I say, my boobs can't sag any lower then they already are, the weird bristly dark hairs that grow from my chin can't shock me anymore then they already have, the aches and pains can only get worse, but I can be wiser with how I deal with them..and the list can go on.
So with that, it ends my year in reflection, short, sweet, and now I move on!!!!! Happy New Year all!!!! 

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