Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Stuff we find for free at the Share Shed & Dump!

This is what the Share Shed looks like
So now you can see some pictures of the madness that has taken over this house. FREE STUFF....seemed so weird to us when we first moved here from the city. This share shed thing was GREAT. You can just drive up, and take anything you want because it's left there by others for that purpose. We have taken many things there ourselves too, but we tend to take more goodies than drop off lol!
Over the last few years this is a list of some of things we have found and brought home:
lawnmowers (three to be exact, all work perfectly, I tend to break them so it's really great)
rototillers (two, one electric one gas powered)
beds and frames
many many tools
garden tools and fencing
computer AND printers
cans (we love weekenders..peeps from the city, cause they leave all their empties at the shed before they leave, and then we come along and take them in and get anywhere from 5 bucks to 50 bucks, depends on how good the haul is LOL) oh stop it, I'M NOT CHEAP...IT'S FREE MONEY!!!
This list goes on, but you get my point...ANYTHING and EVERYTHING has been seen at the dump and share shed. We have seen full cars, a old ambulance, boats (tons of those in the summer) some good some not so good, usually everyone goes and pilfers what they need off of them lol. There is a local saying around here when you are showing someone what you have, they'll ask you where you got that, and you just tell them at the "mall" and everyone knows you mean the dump LMAO
So anyways, this is what us crazy country folk like doing...share shedding...what a romantical way to spend a few hours with my hubby!!!!
Awesome amount of cookie cutters!
Awesome man thingy my husband loves LMAO

White dresser found at the SS

Gazebo found at SS
Yup, even plants in pots are left there!

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