Monday, December 12, 2011

Ummmm, what's wrong with this picture?

Besides EVERYTHING lol.Well, as you can see, my crochet learning is STILL going strong. However, as you can see in the pic, the white one started out with like 24 stitches, and then somehow went down to 14, and then gained some again...and the blue one has some crazy dipsy doodle thing right from the get go on the bottom lol. I swear I am NOT drinking wine and crocheting!!!! So it's not clear to me yet as to what I am doing wrong, and my teacher has not been at work to be able to ask...anyone out in cyber world have any advice lol? So last night I am laying in my chair, practicing, and my husband chirps from the other side of the couch "your doing it wrong, your not holding the needle right"....WELL......I give him the "look"...kept seriously, is this man insane? What does HE know about apparently when he was a small boy his Mom taught him this. So I tossed him the yarn and needle and said "have at her smarty pants" there he stood....talking to himself, thread and needle in hand....and this pleased my devilish know that he was going to go as crazy as I was over this!!!! And yes...he did...and it was great!!!!!
So....we now are BOTH I am going to be competing with my husband for crochet patterns and ideas....why does this seem wrong on so many levels LMAO.

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