Monday, December 5, 2011

Crochet craziness!

This is my teacher Megan and I at work today, and she has finally had a break through with my learning brain! She was nice and brave enough to teach me how to crochet. I had asked every old lady I knew in town, but no one had time, and I happened to be mentioning this at work in the staff room. Well, wouldn't you know it, from the person I least expected to know how to do this....MEGAN....and she's a GENIUS at it too! Like seriously good at good, she doesn't even have to follow patterns, she has made a serious art out of it and I am in awe of her!
However, I don't think she expected to have to like really really dumb it down for me. I tried warning her..."Megan...I really have NO clue what to do or how to start or even how to hold a needle" LOL. So our first 2 min lesson last week at work was how to hold the needle, next day at work, was how to tie the knot to get started, and then the next day at work she taught me how to do my first knot...WELL..she showed me a few times, I did it myself a few times and then she sent me home with some homework to try at home...ummmmmmmmmm well.....that didn't turn out so good! lol I got home that night, sat in bed, took out the needle and wool.....and.....NOTHING...had NO clue what I was taught. So back to square she took some time with me and REALLY got me going this time....I was so excited at work about FINALLY understanding what to do with the needle you would have thought I won the lottery. So for the next week, I shall be stitching away squares and scarves like a crazy woman. Once I have that down pat, she will teach me how to make my first toque!
So my dream of learning how to crochet my first toque before I am 40 might actually come true! However, I only have a few more weeks to get that dream done! Anyways...I must get back to my crocheting madness!

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  1. Congrats! We too have just learned to crochet, and now that we have given away our 1st hats, we can put them on our blog. IT IS SO MUCH FUN! My 14 year old daughter has a real knack for it, better than me, but hey, we're teaching old dogs new tricks! keep going and isn't it fun to learn something new, and practical too!