Monday, December 19, 2011

Things I have learned to live with and without.

This is my clothes dryer
Wood heat
VERY small propane stove
My oldie but goodie
Since moving from the city 3 years ago, my attitude about my wants and needs has changed! How or why this happened.....ummmmmmm, not just did...and I like it quite frankly. It's made me a better person.
I no longer HAVE to have the best of everything or the desire to have the best of it all. I am very content with things that work and not things that are sparkly and brand new lol. For example, we heat with a wood stove. There is no getting up and just turning the thermostat up and getting the house warm, it's all about carrying the wood in, getting a few days worth next to the stove and starting one or keeping it going, even if it's 3am and your freakin cold! Our stove is not brand new, we got it for $60 and it works like a charm, heats our house just fine.
My old washing machine, it's not one of those fancy ol front loaders, it's one of those oldies, but hey, it cleans my clothes, and since we have well water it's better anyways, the new machine would get ruined by the iron that would go thru it. (we don't have a water softener yet) As for a dryer....well as you can see from the pic, my clothes hang to dry on a line inside in the winter, and outside for the rest of the time. At first it bugged me, not having those wonderfully soft clothes from the dryer, but now, WHO CARES, if I need them softened up, I can take a quick iron over them, no biggy. In the winter, the clothes dry faster inside anyways with the wood heat in the house. So not only are we saving on heating costs (all the wood is off of our land) and no dryer which means electric bill is not sky high from dryer use. (not that it's a HUGE amount, but something is better then nothing)
So, since we are in renovations here for the last three years and probably for the next 5 lol, there are lots of things not yet hooked up or put in yet. We have a On Demand hot water system, bathtub, new Schluter shower, toilets, ect. So for now, the SMALL propane stove I am using is just fine, it only holds the smallest of cookie sheets and you can only put in a very small turkey but that's okay with me. You work with what you have!
As many of you know, I lived without a TOILET for two years as well. At first it was difficult, but over time you learn to live with it. It's amazing what you get used to, and what your able to tolerate. If I can do THAT, I can do anything. I am however, VERY happy to a have a nice flushing toilet now!
I no longer need to have what the neighbors have, or what the latest and greatest thing is, I am content with what works! This lifestyle is not for everyone, but it's for me!!!!

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  1. Isn't it great to recognize all the "stuff" is really just a clutter and money trap? Don't get me wrong, I like pretty things but If pushed, I can certainly survive without them. I love your clothes dryer. Hugs. tammy