Saturday, January 10, 2015

Oh runners I missed you

Yup....10 days into the new year....and two weeks into my workin out routine of Mon-Fri and I did my first run today. It was -12 outside....effing cold...but I have learned from my past adventures from the running club waaaaaaaay back in my Edmonton days how to "layer accordingly".
So the first five minutes of just walking warm up are always the worst, cause you feel like "oh geez, I think my face is going to freeze off" to after 10 minutes of running "oh geez, maybe the sweat will turn to icicles on my face" and it's all good lol.
The first ten minutes of running for me are always the ones that suck...cause it's getting into your running groove and remembering that at some point the "euphoria" will kick in...and when it's soooo magical...seriously....sick right? But those that run totally get it....the hubster does not get this and thinks it's all made up in my head lol....I feel so sad for him...cause there is something just so awesome about this feeling....and it's what makes runners so mental in the head....cause it's just so addicting.
So my first run in the cold out on the prairie roads was magical...and for that I am so happy. So I will make my saturday exercise routine one that is outside...and every weekend I will add a bit more and a bit more...just like I did all those years ago when I was running a loooooonnngggg goal is to get back to that...and feel ALL of that greatness.
So I say to you....TOQUE on......and layer up!
P.S for those of you who do not know what a toque is:

In Canada, toque or tuque /ˈtk/ is the common name for a knitted winter hat, or watch cap (also called a beanie); the spelling "touque", although not recognized by the Canadian Oxford Dictionary, is also sometimes seen in written English. The Canadian-English term was assimilated from Canadian-French tuque. Toque first appeared in writing around 1870.[6][7][8]
The fashion is said to have originated with the coureurs de bois, French and Métis fur traders, who kept their woollen nightcaps on for warmth during cold winter days. Such hats are known in other English-speaking countries by a variety of names, including beanie, watch cap or stocking cap; the terms tuque and toque are unique to Canada and northern areas of the United States close to the Canadian border.


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