Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year

I'm not gonna lie....getting up this morning after a night of drinking with our 70 yr old neighbors and doing the first new year work out was a bit rough....thankfully I had already started this whole regime at the beginning of the week, so my body would not go into a full shock when I took it out of bed this morning. And thankfully the ab exercises are getting easier and easier with each day.
How long will I keep up with this whole working out shenanigans...WHAT THE HELL DO YOU's my deal lay off me okay when I perhaps sleep in a bit in stead of getting up at 4am...sheesh...hard asses lol.
I started at the beginning of the week juicing for my breakfasts too...I thought at first I was gonna die of starvation if I didn't get my regular toast and coffee routine...but as it turns out...I did not...and I actually feel a hell of a lot better for's only awkward when I go to the bathroom and I think I'm dieing cause my poop is red cause I had juiced some beets in my morning juice, but other then that it's all good :-)
(awww, was that a bit of overshare? TO BAD)
So it feels good knowing that I already have my workout for the day done, I can kick back and be lazy now if I want to...except I can't, cause I have laundry to do, and house cleaning to get done, cause one of my kidlets is coming over tomorrow for some mommy birthday loves...soooooo excited.
So I bid you all a Happy New Year!

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