Saturday, January 3, 2015

Well then.....

So first of all I just wanted to thank everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes that were bestowed upon me. It is always heart warming when friends leave messages or phone calls, lets one know...."hey, I thought of you today". I even got a message from a friend that I have not been in contact with years...just out of the blue, just a short sweet Happy Birthday message...short yet so powerful.
The next powerful moment I had yesterday....hence the title of this post "Well then....".....was at work...of course....where else would it I have a lot of them there.
So there is this man....elderly...I think 79...he is part owner of the company...and deaf as talking for any length of time or seconds can often be hard and hilarious, cause no matter what...anyone who is near by will hear your conversation.
So this man is religious....and you know me...I just gotta poke the bear of controversy all the time...and I have been poking this bear occasionally when ever I see him...often while I should be working so I get the evil glare from one of my other bosses ( I feel like I have many bosses there let me just state this fact first ) and for the most part, we stop and I go back to work....except was a slow day and I was leaving for home I had a wee longer opportunity to chat (or should I say yell talk).
So yesterday's conversation was about "Who is the head of household?"....and it all started with him asking me why I picked my husband...and I said "because he was the first man in my life to stand up to me"...and he laughed and said "well I would have no problem with that, that's how it's supposed to be" which I had a giggle...but then "umm what do you mean?". He then proceeded to tell me that "well, then man is the head of the house, and as a man I make all the final decisions in our home...I take in to consideration her thoughts and ideas, but ultimately I make the final ones".
Well....if you know me, I am pretty sure you can visualize the facial feature that appeared on my face at this statement....which was quickly resumed with a smile...because then I began...began to spew words of female which he replied with "ah ha...feminism, you women coined that term and it's of the devils work".
So I replied with "so because I am a strong confident woman, who believes that my husband and I are equal partners and we make decisions together, I am of the devils work? I think you and I need to sit down and have coffee together, because I feel like I need to enlighten you and I think you mind is going to be blown with what I might say and tell you".
To which he responded with "As a man, it's my duty to INFORM you of how it should don't need to tell me, I don't need to defend my beliefs, it's my duty to teach you so that you can see"
Well...I just could not stop I gave him a hug and said loudly..."oh hunny, if you think you're gonna be the man that get's me to "put me in my place" and tell me that I should be deaf blind and mute in the corner of life...get in line with all the other men behind me that thought they might change me too...cause there is a parking lot of them...there is no way that your God made me to "shut up" fact, when my feet hit the floor in the morning, I'm pretty sure your God says "oooohhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, she's up....get the popcorn, the show's about the start".
I understand he grew up in an era where this was how it was, the man of the household, the woman at home with the children tending to the house...he lived that life...he told me he told his wife she could not work, she had enough to do at home lol....but we have evolved...and I am so thankful for that, cause I can't even imagine how my life would have been in any other era...I would have been burned at the stake I am sure...or put in a mental hospital or taken far far far out of town in hopes that I might not come back....but thankfully...I live in TODAY....with a husband who totally gets his wife and stands next to her proudly and is not shaken by my crazy, opinionated shenanigans.

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