Monday, May 12, 2014

Long time no post....and oh yeah..Happy Mothers Day :-)

These two ridiculously amazing adults are the reason I look forward to every day....well....having a ridiculously amazing hubster helps too.

My future son in law drove my two kids out from the big city this weekend for some amazing quality time with BOTH kids at the same time....this has not happened on a Mothers day for me in 5 you can imagine how high on life I was this weekend.
We played games at night and they took me out for an amazing brunch, saw a movie and came home and played more games and had amazing conversation.
Then I took the day off today from work and did some more fun cut the lawn for the first time this year, rotatilled the garden and planted two rows of potatoes and four rows of onions. I even got some tanning in on the deck and had a wonderful bottle of beer! gets busy sometimes and I forget to write my blog....but it's busy cause life is GREAT.

So this evening we are looking out off the deck with excitement of more gardening in the weeks to come and all the wonderful things we will grow and have adventure in together. I can't for a couple of months when the picture will show a garden in full swing!!
Happy Spring :-)

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