Wednesday, May 28, 2014

One week recap of my new life as a truck driver

Lessons I have learned in a week as a newbie truck driver:

1. ALWAYS wear your gloves....or this may happen

My finger got pinched in the load bar...causing a giant blood blister on my middle finger....and yes...I am gladly showing my middle finger to all who inquire :-)

2. When in doubt.....get out! This comes from a incident I had on my SECOND day....when I was backing up and I sorta missed judged a bit lol..and bent over a pole....hence my new nickname at work is now "crash". I'll take that nickname over being fired however.

3. When you see white smoke coming from the back of the truck, pull over and wait for help to arrive lol....this happened today at work on the busiest road on a hill just past a bridge....never have I been so happy to see the two owners to show up like knights in shining armor to save me!

4. Always always always keep the window up....even if it's hot! Third day on the job a bee flew in the window of the truck while I was driving on the hwy and went down my shirt...stung me on my left boob...then fell into my cleavage.....mean while the stinger is pumping the wonderful painful shit into my boob and it's not like it's not big enough starts swelling up....AND I'm driving on the hwy at 110 km.

These are only SOME of the lessons I have learned....there have been many more that some of the old truckers have shared with me to "help" me out.....and for that I am forever grateful I will admit....I will take what ever tid bits of advice I can get, it will only make me a better driver. There is this old guy....he's 78...I could listen to his stories all day about his experiences....after talking to him one day I said to him "when I grow up, I wanna be just like you"...he had a good giggle at that....especially when I told him I was 42 and I had no clue what I was gonna be when I did finally grow up lol.

So.....for now....I shall keep on truckin!

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